What do you know? Social Media actually WORKS.

There’s no denying, the average person, myself included, is involved in some form of social media. Typically for its namesake… to be SOCIAL. But then there’s those of us who want to know how social media is utilized in the fields of advertising, sales, promotion, public relations, etc. These days, it’s rare to find a business/company that does not manage a social media front. But is it working for them? The quick answer: ABSOLUTELY. Working in retail myself, this is great news.

A study done by Twitter and Datalogix has proven that online advertisement content and promotion are working for businesses offline. Well, at least for the 35 brands tested. But coming from someone at the bottom of the totem pole (I’m a sales associate), it’s nice to hope online advertising is working for the higher ups in the company. But here’s what their study found:

1. Those who engaged with Promoted Tweets (Tweets that were paid to be made…figures), as in actively responding, were 12% more likely to make a purchase in stores. (Twitter, Datalogix, article by Social Media Today). Even those who didn’t respond, were more likely to buy.

2. Users who saw/engaged with Organic Tweets (Tweets not made by the brand) were 8% more likely to make an offline purchase (Twitter, Datalogix, article by Social Media Today). Basically, talking about “stuff” online does help out business. Even if you’re not meaning to.

3. When companies started to use Promoted Tweets, sales grew up to 29%(Twitter, Datalogix, article by Social Media Today). Well, I don’t think that needs explaining. Twenty-nine percent is no joke people.

So my advice to brands who aren’t utilizing Twitter and other social media? Get with it. You’re about to fall behind. Fast. Think of online social media advertising as The Hunger Games. Fight for your spot, or meet another end. 


This information came from the following article:



Happy Blogging y’all.


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